BattleKart Vienna: full speed into the adventure

Games, fun and action for all generations, pure racing feeling for everyone and racing down slopes and collecting points like in video game classics – that’s exactly what BattleKart promises from April 1, 2023, a new attraction at Messe Wien. At this spectacle, up to 12 drivers per game become active themselves in super-sporty electric karts and drive the little speedsters in virtual worlds of experience projected by 52 projectors on a hall area of 2,700m².

With special functions on the steering wheel and monitor, the players can make life difficult for their fellow combatants and really step on the gas on the racing course. All racers immerse themselves in an augmented reality and experience different tracks and games, the real and the virtual world merge – without VR glasses. The skilful use of interactive and surprising elements such as rockets, oil barrels and turbos ensure variety and surprises on the track.

There is a total of six games to choose from, each lasting 15 minutes, which, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, make the hearts of young and old beat faster. An anti-collision system during rapid driving and an intelligent safety system ensure that accidents are avoided and no helmets are required. In order to drive the karts safely and take part in the games, a minimum height of 1.45 meters is required. There is no upper or lower age limit. BattleKart is a unique, ultra-innovative concept with transparent technology that makes for absolute fun, whether or not you have experience in karting and video games.

Tickets for the racing fun can only be booked online in advance. Seats for games and times can now be booked at

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