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Viertel Zwei Photo Calendar

1. January – 24. December 2022
Viertel Zwei

Have you always wanted to see your works immortalized on a calendar? Then now is your chance.

After the great response to our photo competition, this time we are not looking for one, but 12 winners. This creates a unique Viertel Zwei calendar that the community designs together.

The Viertel provides you with a variety of motifs, which are brought to light through your lenses. At the end of each month we will share the new motto with you via our social media channels, where you can let your creativity run free. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hobby photographer, an amateur or a professional. Everyone is invited to participate.

And it’s this easy:

  1. On Facebook: Post your pictures in the comment function under the current motto
  2. On Instagram: Make sure your profile is public and post your photos, tag @viertelzwei and #viertelzweikalender

An independent jury will evaluate the posted photos – according to the criteria of originality and integration of the motto – and announce the winners. They will be rewarded with the completed Viertel Zwei calendar 2023 and a 25€ Viertel Zwei gastronomy voucher.

We wish you a lot of fun.

Conditions of  Participation

  1. I confirm that I took the photographs myself and that they represent my intellectual property. I own all rights to the submitted works and agree to the corresponding granting of rights to value one holding AG to the extent defined here. I confirm that the publication of the photographs does not violate the rights of third parties and that no personal rights or other rights are violated when people are portrayed. In this regard, I indemnify and hold value one holding AG harmless.
  2. I consent to the exhibition of the photographs I have produced in the offices of value one holding AG.
  3. I grant value one holding AG the right, unrestricted in terms of time, place and content, to use all or part of all photos sent for the application for all current and future known types of use, for a fee or free of charge. This includes the right to reproduce the nominated photos in any way that is technically possible today and in the future and to make them available to the public and to distribute them in physical form (e.g. in presentations, folders, brochures, posters, flyers, catalogues, social media etc .). Also included is the right to edit the nominated photos or to change them in any other way and to use edited or changed versions of the photos to the same extent as the actual photos, as well as the right to sublicense.
  4. Each time the photo is used, value one holding AG will state the name of the author and the title. I acknowledge and agree that due to mistakes, oversights or other circumstances, the information can sometimes be omitted.
  5. Images with the following format can be considered: JPG with 300dpi in landscape format with a maximum size of 10 MB.
  6. The pictures must show some form of connection to Viertel Zwei.
  7. Each participant can only be chosen once as a winner for a month..

(c) value one immobilien management GmbH

production: value one immobilien management GmbH


26. – 27. July 2023
Ernst Happel Stadium

In 2023, Rammstein’s European Stadium Tour will enter a third round!

This means that the fans can once again expect an absolute spectacle: a stage construction that sometimes towers over the roof of a stadium, a gigantic show with lots of fireworks, bang and smoke and a perfectly coordinated band.

Anyone who would like to see their amazing show has the opportunity to experience Rammstein live in Vienna on July 26 & July 27, 2023.

All further information can be found here.

Bruce Springsteen

18. July 2023
Ernst Happel Stadium

The Boss is back with new live dates for 2023! A stadium concert in Vienna is also on the tour schedule on Tuesday, July 18th.

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band will play their only Austrian concert in 2023 in the Ernst Happel Stadium. The fans can look forward to the breathtaking live show of the world star with his E Street Band.

Tickets are available here.

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The green city quarters
Living and working in the Viertel Zwei

The Viertel Zwei has an unusual location. Directly at Vienna’s largest park, the Prater, while at the same time offering perfect traffic connections with its own subway station, Krieau. This is how you manage to live and work in the Viertel Zwei in a green environment in 1020 Vienna – and still reach Stephansplatz at the heart of Vienna in just a view minutes.